About us

eye&I was created to redefine eye care with quality optometric care

within the heart of Bayside.

We have created an intimate and personable setting

to provide our patients with great service and treat you like family

Did you know that your eyes are the window to your health?

At eye&I, eyecare is "I" care.

In addition to vision correction with glasses or contact lenses,

we evaluate your internal and external eye health

which is often a good indicator of your overall systemic health.

We believe preventative eye care is the best eye care.

We are also committed to expressing your "eye" dentity with unique eyewear

that is both functional and fashionable.

Dr. Crystal Han and the staff at eye&I are always thinking of ways to improve

the patient experience and look forward to you joining the eye&I family.

Come see how we do eye care differently!


Our mission...your vision

Eyecare is your "I" care

eye&I believes that Vision is a gift that should never be taken for granted.

eye&I strives to ensure your ocular health annually.


eye&I personalizes your visual needs and tailors your eyewear to your specific lifestyle so that you can focus on your day to day life.


eye&I cares for your “I”care.

meet the team

Crystal Han, O.D.

The Optometrist - Bayside, Queens, NYC


Dr. Crystal Han always puts her patient first.

While providing the best eye care she can offer her patients,

Dr. Han strives to get to know her patients and hope to develop long term relationships with them.


She takes pride in her work and can’t wait to meet you!

When you have someone who loves her patients, you will get the care you deserve.

Dr. Crystal Han is a New York state licensed optometrist who specializes in primary eye care and contact lenses, as well as diagnose, treat, and manage ocular diseases in adults and children.

She studied Behavior Neuroscience at Lehigh University then received her doctorate at Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

She has experience in both the private and retail setting bringing you the best patient care you and your family deserve.

After working as an associate optometrist in various practices in NY, PA,

and NJ, Dr. Han decided to take the next step in her career as the head optometrist at eye&I.

Joseph Han

aka Office Manager

You can call him Joe. Working closely with various medical professionals throughout his career, Joe’s curiosity naturally led him to wonder what he can do to create a more patient-friendly environment. Joe’s curious and entrepreneurial mind has led him to create eye&I. He is open minded and is not afraid to try different ideas to enhance the patient’s experience when they step into eye&I. Come and meet Joe and you won’t be disappointed.


aka Ophthalmic Care Specialist

Dan has been working at the eye&I location for over 20 years. You can trust his expertise when it comes to designing lenses to suit your unique needs and style. For any and all questions about lenses, however elementary or esoteric, Dan is your go-to-guy. Dan will make sure that you’ll feel confident that your lenses have every feature you need, and only what you need.


aka Eyewear Specialist/Stylist

Rose has been helping patients look their absolute best at the eye&I location for almost 30 years and our patients absolutely LOVE her. She has decided to stay on board to continue what she does best. She will help you go beyond having a “nice pair” of glasses with which to see with. She considers your profession, lifestyle activities, face shape, skin, eye, hair color, personal style, to find you the perfect pair. Her honest opinions and assistance navigating the frame boards is what you can expect when you come to eye&I.


39-25 Bell Blvd,

Bayside, NY 11361

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